New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide - Back Country Trout - Testimonials and references - NZ Fly Fishing Guide - Back Country Trout

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New Zealand Fly Fishing Guide - Back Country Trout - Testimonials and references

Kevin introduced us to the some special Kiwi techniques necessary for success. This is fishing by sight and if you don't have a good spotter like Kevin you are wasting your time. He picked us up at our hotel and provided everything we needed. My wife was a complete beginner and thanks to Kevin's instruction is now completely addicted to fly fishing. His laid back style and knowledge of the area make Kevin an excellent choice for the beginner or expert. Highly Recomended!!!! Mr & Mrs. A.W., Oregon

Sunshine, scenery, seclusion, big fish, Kevin will get you there.

Mr. W.W., Oregon U.S.A

Just wanted to thank you again for making my stay so much fun!!  I really enjoyed stalking the big trout and exploring your beautiful country........I am totally hooked on fishing! Linda Wineland of California

Big fish, great scenery, great people."Bill Osbourne of Pennsylvania

Terrible being back at work and very busy, but I had a great time and have been looking at the pics ever since!!
I am hoping to write a little piece on an internet forum that a lot of guys over here use and I will recommend your services highly. Tim Andrews, UK

Thanks so much for the great experience. The best we have had in NZ despite our marginal talent. Dick & Jane Clark

I was hoping you could send the pics you made of me and those great rainbows you found for me? That was a fantastic experience for me. You are the best guide I have fished with impressive for sure! Lars Morris

Just want to thank you both for helping make our New Zealand vacation a special time.  I had a blast fishing. Rick Loose

Thanks again for your hospitality and home stay!! It was really a nice way to come off of the ice! I truly enjoyed myself .
Ryan Edmond

Thanks again for a great trip.
Angus Wilson

I finally got copies of some of the pictures of fish we caught with you from my dad the other day.
Angus Wilson

Kevin was the most hospitable,dependable, and accommodating guide I've ever experienced. Michael Pack of Georgia

"Kevin must be one of the top guides and trout spotter I've ever fished with. I would of wasted a lot of time without him. Just look at the results!" Alex Borge of Norway.

I had a great time indeed in Tekapo. Thank you very much for your kind guiding.

Mr. Y.N.,Japan

"I want to thank both of you for a great fishing adventure.
May the fish be with you"
Don Nelson

Thank you for great fishing !
Mr and Ms Togami said me that they enjoyed very very much with you.
They pleased farm stay very much.
They send you their best regards.
I 'm so glad that they could catch good fishes too. Takayuki Usui, Japan

We really enjoyed our days fishing with you.  You did a great job and the biggest fish we caught on the trip were with you.  One of the nice things you do is have something cold to drink when you get back to the vehicle, nobody else seems to understand that in NZ.  Maybe it is an American thing, but cold water, juice or beer, is lots better than warm bottled water.  Sent along a pic of the big fish.  Hope your weather is getting better and you have a good remainder of the season.  
Tom & Verneine

Thank you for showing me a great time during my stay . Nick Taylor, UK

Here is a great picture of Mike and Kevin. Robert Johnson, South Africa

We want to thank you for both your great kiwi hospitality and a wonderful time fishing. I have attached a few of the photos we took of fish...  I look forward to the time we can again share a fishing experience, here in Oregon or again in New Zealand.  I learned allot from you and hope to make use of that on the Deschutes...  Thanks again, the trip exceeded my highest expectations

Tom Richardson

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